2018 China Beijing Int¡¯l Building Materials Expo
Date: March 9-12 .2018 Venue:China New International Exhibition Center.Beijing



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  • The process for visitor to register on the web
    1. Fill your personal information correctly.
    2. ¡°Name, telephone, mobile phone, fax, email, nationality, province/city, address, zip code, profession, company¡± must be filled on the plat form of Visitors Registration Service on the Web. Others can be selected.
    3. Click ¡°Submit¡± button..
    4. After checking your information you have filled, the system will print ¡°the table of Visitors Registration¡± automatically. If you have not printed the table, please remember you ticket ID from system; this will also help you get your ticket at ticketing counter.
    5. Showing your table to the service man at the ticket window during exhibition period, you can get your ticket after assuring you identity.






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